Specific, Measurable Outcomes

A professional brief written for your web design project, ensures you get the right outcome.

A new website project is a great opportunity to refresh your brand, update your website and utilise the latest technologies. Web companies will provide many ideas, however experience shows that often the outcome is far different, leaving business owners unhappy and out of pocket…

We help you regain control of your project and get the outcome you deserve, by ensuring that it is clear to all potential digital agencies what specific, measurable outcomes are required for your project.

See below for common issues you’re left with when you let the web agency dictate the project.

Poor Coding, Speed & Technical Issues

This is the most common failure by digital agencies. Many will promise the world, but take so many shortcuts leaving you with a sub-par site. Insist on a validated website, all links and forms are checked, all tags are filled with SEO friendly descriptions. Also many don't bother to optimise your site for speed, one of the largest ranking factors in 2021.

Web Sitemap and Content Strategy

So many websites simply get redone with the same boring sitemap and tired content on the pages. A digital agency is happy with not doing any extra work, copy and paste saves them time, but you'll end up with a website that doesn't work for you.

No Analytics Reporting

Even today we see client's launch new websites, yet their web company does not give them access to free Google Analytics reporting. In several extreme cases the digital agency is made the owner of the account or doesn't even bother to setup any tracking and recording. How can you measure the success of your new website including, how many visits, popular pages and number of enquiries or phone calls?

Who Hosts Your Website & Domain?

There have been several reports of agencies going out of business and clients simply losing their website and/or domain name. There is no need for them to have it and overcharge you for these services. Keep control by looking after your own domain name and quality web hosting.

Easy Project Management

We can take care of your next website, write the brief, manage the project and confirm the required outcomes are met.

We ensure that the brief meets all of your needs and requirements, but also covers all the expected design, technical and search engine requirements any website should reasonably have.

Your project is then managed to ensure that all parties meet agreed timelines and then confirm that the delivered project meets the brief.

We work as your website project managers to ensure you get the outcome you want.

Let us improve your business!

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