Website Audit

An objective review of your website. Is it really working and converting for you?

A website can be a huge investment, but how do you know that you got what you paid for? A lot of trust gets placed in the hands of web designers and digital agencies, but sadly in our experience many web agencies tell you what you want to hear, quote what they think you can afford and then do the bare minimum to complete the project, missing many of the details that were “promised”. And busy owners often only have time to speak with one or maybe two companies, who then provide totally different proposals that prevent you from comparing apples with apples…

We provide objective, factual advice on your website that you can take back to your web developer to implement and see improved rankings, traffic and leads and enquiries.

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How We Help Your Web Designer to REALLY Build Your Website.

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Technical including Speed Review

What is said on a web page is important, however there is more than just words... There are many tags and titles that are often missed but all help make a difference. Also page speed is critically important, but the vast majority do NOT address it as part of their web build. Our audit will reveal the truth...

Mobile Ready Review

Is your new website ready for a mobile? This is not an optional extra, it should specifically be included in any new project. And while it may pass an online test, a mobile ready website is different to one seen on a desktop. How does your's fare?

Reporting Analytics Review

How many web visitors did you have last month? What's the most visited page on your website? How many people filled out your contact form? You need to know these details and it can take less than 5 minutes (oe even be magically emailed each month to you...) But many web companies do not include free Google Analytics. Does your website?

Content & Conversions Review

Do you have a single page with all your services listed? (Fail). Do you have service pages with less than a paragraph or two of text? (Fail). What information are people looking for on your website? Do you know? When you know what potential customers are searching for - you can build upon that content and then with tailored calls to action and other marketing techniques, get enquiries flowing in.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

Did you get what you paid for? Find out with an independent audit on your website.

Do you spend hundreds to thousands a month on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Many businesses do, yet they have no understanding of what has been done on their website, what new links or content is being created and where it is ranking for important keywords. In extreme cases they are paying thousands and nothing is being done…

We’ve consulted with hundreds of companies to help them to factually see and measure exactly what is getting done for them each month. Sadly the results are often shocking, but provide the customer with proof one way or the other on their return on SEO investment.

Contact us today to see how we factually and objectively can assist you to get control of your SEO program.

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