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We fix and help grow businesses

A New Business
or Start Up

Right from the start your new business or start up needs to get key systems, procedures and a business and marketing plan in place. We can invest with funds and/or IP to give you that launchpad needed.

Get Past that Barrier, Take the Next Steps

You've been working well for many years, but you can't seem to break up into that next level and beyond...

Planning to Exit the Business

You've run the business successfully for many years, now it's time to move on or retire. How to set your business up for a lucrative exit.

intellekt = Intelligent Business Solutions

Break Out of the Rut – With Proven Processes

With over 20 years of business experience, we understand the challenges that you face as an owner, director or manager and we can assist you in a variety of ways and situations.

Whether you’re a start up, seeking to break through to the next level or looking for an exit strategy we can help you and we are focused on proving your return on investment – you will cover and more our fees!


We love & know what we do!

A big business starts small!

Sometimes it’s just a little thing that can cause your business to blossom and bloom.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the majority of small business owners – perhaps you included –  have gone into business because they were good at a certain something.

You’ve built an income on those skills however, all the other parts that make up a business are likely a challenge for you. That’s OK, no one is a jack of all trades…

Our team can help fill those gaps, accounting, systems and procedures, general and digital marketing – depending on your needs from knowledge, tips to full service assistance.


Get more from your business today!

We help build businesses. And not with flowery, time wasting stuff… We provide you with clear facts, stats and more to help you build your business, gain more time for family, or plana great exit from the business. Contact us today to discuss how we might help.

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